Why We're Here

We're here to ease your suffering.  Chronic pain is a problem for many of us.  Myofascial Pain Therapies is a collection of manual soft tissue techniques and movement based therapies designed to soothe and restore neuromuscular junctions in the body. These techniques are non-invasive and extremely gentle making them excellent for even the most  severe cases. We now provide massage services at the Gorilla House Gym located at 3200 Fairway Dr. Altoona, Pa 16602.

What makes us unique?

My ever evolving perspective about soft tissues and their vital supportive link to other body systems I think is what sets Myofascial Pain Therapies apart. Countless hours of study, treatment, and reflection have molded a deep understanding and humbling respect for the beauty, resiliency, and power of the human body. Every structure contained within us plays a vital role in health and recovery from disease, and I believe that the more considerate a therapist is of the various structures contained within, the more beneficial the treatment. I incorporate various levels of examination into treatment assessments. Taking into consideration, neurological, range of motion, pain complaint, postural, and previous health conditions. These assessments provide me with a great deal of information and allow me to create a massage designed specifically for you,  So no matter what your reasons for a massage today, whether you're stressed and just need to relax, or training for a competition, or even recovering from an injury or learning to manage a chronic disease, Myofascial Pain Therapies LLC can provide a great massage experience, designed specifically for you.

Why is muscle health so important?

Our skeletal muscles play a large role in our bodies' overall health and well-being. Our tissues are so beautifully and complexly intertwined. We have individual muscle fibers bound together by fascia to comprise singular muscles. With larger bands of fascia connecting bones, muscles, and even organs together to keep space inside of our bodies and produce movement. Our nerves, lymphatic vessels and blood vessels are contained within and protected by our muscles. In this way, improving the function and health of our muscular system can also have a positive affect on our lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems.

Myofascial Trigger points are an extremely common cause of pain.  These are the contractions knots that we can sometimes feel within our muscles. When our muscles have trigger points, we experience pain or stiffness, limited range of motion, and loss of normal function. Trigger points occur at the motor end plate or where the nerve and muscle meet.  Locally trigger points produce ischemia or loss of blood flow and harbor inflammatory substances.  In some cases, these inflammatory substances can produce or contribute to a centralized sensitization to pain. There are many causes of myofascial trigger points including repetitive overuse, sustained heavy loading, sedentary lifestyles, traumatic injury, and nutritional deficiencies.

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Our Services

60 minute sessions  $65

30 minute sessions  $40

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Neuromuscular Massage

A treatment style that has everything to do with taking the pressure off of your nervous system. Movement, passive and active stretching techniques are utilized to facilitate a better relationship between the brain and soft tissues.

Trigger Point Therapy

Typically trigger points occur at the motor end plate of our muscles resulting in decreased range of motion and referral pain. This treatment is very muscle specific. Passive and active stretching are incorporated.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a fascinating soft tissue that encompasses our muscles and organs. It keeps things in place within our bodies, and even links muscles together to help the body produce dynamic movements. 

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing treatment where oils are applied in a soothing rhythmic manner. It's relieving to the nervous system and is wonderful for improving circulation.

Massage Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy uses suction cups in combination with massage to stimulate the nervous system, improve tissue hydration, and clear lymphatic ducts of cellular debris. 

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is an active massage incorporating lengthening movements and functional positioning. Clothes remain on for this treatment making position changes and movements easier.

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